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The Top Seven Reasons to Make Your Design Responsive Right Now

7) It’s Easy to Manage: A responsive design is easier to manage than two or more separate sites. With separate sites you have additional SEO, advertising, and design concerns which add to the difficulty of managing a site as well as changing it quickly and easily. Consolidating all of your concerns into one website saves time and money. Additionally content is located on one website and one URL so it is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to content increasing your social reach.

6) Amazing User Experiences: A responsive website can provide an amazing user-experience across devices and screen sizes. Since it uses the screen size to serve up only the type of content needed by the device it is a sleek and efficient way to deliver content to the end-user. Since almost half of Smart-phone browsers complain about difficulty reading text and following navigation on traditional sites you need to keep these customers happy with a responsive design.

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