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We are a group of web designers and enthusiasts that are excited about creating cutting edge responsive web designs that are an extension of your business strategy. We integrate traditional web and marketing strategies to create a complelling web experience. We do more than just web designs. Let us create a highly-functional website that helps your company move forward into the future through the intelligent use of responsive web and screen design, UX/UI design and programming, copy-writing, and digital art. We can help you create a web experience that is intuitive, engaging, and profitable.

Christy Landriault: I am the co-founder, lead graphic artist, strategic planner, and chief financial officer for Falcontail Responsive Web Design. I am a small and micro business owner and co-founder with tons of experience in web and graphic art design, strategy, planning, and execution. I have a extensive knowledge of small businesses, corporations, and start-ups. Falcontail was founded with one idea, to create modern functional and profitable web art.

David Landriault: Owner and Founder

I am the owner/founder and chief designer and programmer for Falcontail Web Designs. I am 44 years old and have two wonderful children and an amazing wife who support me in all I do. I've been designing websites and running internet businesses for over a decade and I use that experience to guide and inspire my designs. I love to help small and moderate enterprises grow so I am excited about offering websites that interconnect seamlessly to an overall business strategy and start the journey towards where a company wants to be in five years. Lets talk about where you want to go.

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The Rest of the Team.

Thank You to Our Entire Team: We are extremely grateful for and proud of all of the other members of our team including our business partner who keeps the lights on for us and delivers amazing business advice, and our two interns who make our work even better through their efforts and deliver excellent work without complaint day after day.

Have Design or Development Skills? We are looking for passionate and dedicated professionals with a sense of adventure and whimsy who want to create an amazing web experience for the customers through cuttting edge technology. If you have the chops and you want to work in an amazing enviornment that truely values the skills you bring to the table then let us show you what faclontail has to offer. Want to know more? Get in Touch!